Our Mission

We are obligated as citizens to understand the diverse perspectives of our nation. Our Shared Memory will bring young Americans together, recognize their perseverance and initiative, and present a unified narrative of hope for the public.

COVID-19 is the first pandemic that our generation has had to confront as young adults. We are caught in a relentless whirlwind of changing circumstances and have little headspace to consider the experiences of others. That is fine and understandable. But when it comes time to reflect and consider how we can use this shared experience to improve health policies, social policies, and etc., we are obligated as citizens to understand the diverse perspectives of our nation.

To quote a Scientific American piece by Wilson Center associate Alex Long, “...when it comes time to commiserate on the shared memory of COVID-19 and create stronger and more flexible structures for pandemic preparedness, we may find that there are divergent narratives running on geographic and partisan lines.”

The Young Memory Anthology will contribute to the construction of a national sense of community by presenting a unified and empathetic narrative out of the diverse experiences of young thinkers and movers. The Young Memory Fellowship will unite a cohort of young leaders, inspire other American youth, and produce an object of some historic significance. We hope that the Our Shared Memory project will assist the development of national unity.

Other publications are already writing their human interest pieces. Our Shared Memory deliberately intersperses the profiles of young social entrepreneurs with creative pieces that express grief, anger, and resiliency. There is much that each can gain from understanding the other, be it hope, perspective, or inspiration. We aspire to bring together the voice of a generation, as best as we can, to foster national unity across disciplines and experiences.