Q: How will you remain inclusive of diverse perspectives?
A: We are particularly interested in a diverse pool of applicants and finalists. Our Shared Memory publicly commits to representing American diversity in class, geography, and race. The exclusion of submissions by University of Chicago students further emphasizes our commitment to national diversity.

Q: American society is currently reckoning with multiple challenges. Should submissions focus only on COVID-19?
A: All submissions should focus on the impacts of COVID-19, but are also more than welcome to explore the intersection between public health and racial justice.

Q: Are you interested in prose specifically about COVID, stories set during and inspired by COVID, or both?
A: For prose, we want to explore diverse lived experiences around COVID-19. Potential topics can include, but are not limited to, race, grief, the effects of social distancing, etc... As long as your work can be tied to the circumstances of the pandemic, we are open to consideration. Fiction is acceptable if it is clearly rooted in your lived experiences, or the lived experiences of your community. They need not be explicitly set in the COVID-19 pandemic, but there should be a clear connection to the anthology theme. But definitely feel free to take risks within those parameters!

Q: Who will review our submissions?
A: A review committee of University of Chicago students will read each submission; finalists will be selected by our advisers.

Q: Do you accept work that has been sent to another journal but has so far been neither accepted nor denied?
A: That is fine, but please let us know if you are accepted by the other publication during our review process. Likewise, if we select your work, please inform the other publication to withdraw your work from their process.

Q: How is Our Shared Memory funded?
A: We are funded by the University of Chicago COVID-19 Relief Fellowship.

Q: Does spacing matter?
A: Any spacing is fine as long as it fits our other requirements.

Q: In the Google Form, there are two different requests for an email address (it asks for email, poet's name, and then email again). Is this to input both the gmail address the pdf comes from and the verified .edu address? If so, does it matter which email goes in either box?
A: We would like for the first email to be your valid .edu address, and the second to be whatever email you would prefer to be contacted at (this could also be your .edu email).

Q: Who is eligible to apply?
A: Please check our eligibility guidelines here.

Q: Are we are limited to only one work or multiple works?
A: Please submit only one work across all three categories.